Enrichment  Courses

The Life and Liberty Institute is dedicated to offering high quality education completely free to our students. Every child and young adult deserves an equal opportunity to enhance life-preparedness skills.

We depend 100% on the generosity of donors and sponsors.

The Life and Liberty Institute is designed to enhance every aspect of life for the student. Integrity, resilience, mentorship, and discipline are implemented into thought provoking, innovative courses. All while making connections and serving the community.   

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Student-led opportunities!  This is a chance for the older teen to get involved in team-building exercises and earn volunteer hours all while having fun! 
Join us in creating and teaching classes or start your

First Aid/CPR/Child Safety                                     


This course includes American Heart Association CPR Certification ($45 value), basic first aid, babysitting safety, Important phone numbers and resources.   This course is intended for boys and girls ages 10 to16. This course is taught by Michigan Civil Defense.

Kitchen Chemistry - Baking Skills

Location TBD

Learn the basics of baking and kitchen safety by making  - sponsored by Nothing Bunt Cake.

F.I.G.H.T Girl

Thurs, Nov 3, 10 & 17  6-8pm
Romeo Center
www.rwbparksrec.org or call 586-752-6543

This course is designed for girls ages 10 - 16 and covers the dangers of social media, substance use and abuse, self-defense, situational awareness, human trafficking, domestic violence, conflict resolution, positive image, healthy relationships, and skin and beauty care. This course will be broken into 3 sessions.

Middle Schoolers & Money

TBD     6-8pm
Romeo Center
www.rwbparksrec.org or call 586-752-6543

Personal finance and budgeting for middle school youth.

Interview and Resume Builder

Summer 2022 TBD

This course is designed to cultivate job preparedness and interviewing skills for the older teen.  Preparing for college interviews, jobs, and how to conduct a professional conversation while marketing their talents.  Building a professional resume is a necessary part of this process.  Mock interviews will be held in person and on zoom.

Youth Mindfulness

Thurs, October 13     6 - 8pm
Romeo Center
www.rwbparksrec.org or call 586-752-6543

The ability to recognize when you are feeling escalated and tools to redirect your mind and balance yourself in order to become present in the moment.  When the noise is too loud on the outside, it is difficult to be quiet on the inside.  This course will help with that.

Basic car maintenance

Basic car care maintenance workshop for new and future drivers to stay safe on the road. 

Let's Work Together

There are so many who talk about changing the world and making a difference. We, at The Life and Liberty Institute, our students and volunteers are REALLY MAKING THAT CHANGE! Join us and LET'S WORK TOGETHER!